Seminar by Oliva Rutazibwa (University of Portsmouth), April 3, 2015

Decolonizing knowledge production

Studying Agaciro: Moving Beyond Wilsonian Interventionist Knowledge Production (on Rwanda).

The Middle East and North Africa Research Group and the Conflict Research Group kindly invite you to this research seminar in its series on “Methods and Ethics in Fieldwork”. In this series national and international guests share their “story behind the findings” with researchers from different departments, to have a profound reflection on methodological and ethical questions in performing empirical research. Read more

Public Lecture Series 2015


The interdisciplinary Ghent Centre for Global Studies and the Conflict Research Group of the Department of Conflict and Development Studies at Ghent University have the honor of inviting you to their joint public lecture series on Global Interventions, in which leading international scholars will offer critical perspectives on global security and justice.

  • Friday March 13: Professor Mary Kaldor (London School of Economics) on Global Security, Cosmopolitan Security
  • Friday April 3: Professor Dorothea Hilhorst (Wageningen University) on Humanitarian Interventions
  • Friday April 24: Professor David Chandler (University of Westminster) on Rethinking Global Interventions

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Call for papers – interdisciplinary conference – June 24-25, Lima

Social Struggles for Land in Latin America

A historical, comparative and global analysis

On June 24 and 25, 2015, the Communities, Comparisons and Connections Research Group of the Ghent Centre for Global Studies will hold an interdisciplinary conference, bringing together academic researchers and social and indigenous organizations, in Lima (Peru), co-organized by the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and the Red Muqui–Proposal and Action Network.  Read more